As you probably heard, there will be a new racing series starting in 2019. W Series is on a mission to give female athletes a platform within the motorsports world, dominated by men.

I have to say that I really appreciate this change. There are some very professional international competitions for women, such as football, soccer and skiing. Why should we not get the same chance on four wheels?


Additionally, I think that the series will be a great media and audience magnet. The concept is unique and I’m sure it will excite spectators to see women competing at a top level. Last weekend it was announced that the W Series will be held during the DTM races next year. This will be another benefit when it comes to media coverage and the fanbase on track.

The series offers a platform for female race drivers to make a name for themselves on a competitive level, even without the needed funds.

W Series believes, that women can compete on the same level as their male opponents. They view the format as platform for women to gain international experience. In my opinion that’s a very interesting opportunity to progress to be able to show a high performance level due to those experiences.

I can’t wait for the first season to start and to follow the development of W series. I’ll try my best to earn my spot within the event and would love to be part of this revolution!

x Marylin

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