The season starts in only a couple of weeks! Last weekend I had my first official test with the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe team and was absolutely happy with the performance 🙂
I haven’t been in a race car since October 2018, so of course I was excited to see what the new Porsche Cayman GT4 would feel like.
The first couple of laps I had to get used to the driving. In the KTM X-Bow I didn’t have a servo steering, which made it quite a bit different from the Porsche. But after a couple of minutes I had a good feeling and no more problems with it. From the first minute on, I felt very comfortable in the car and absolutely loved the GT4!
After the long winter break, I of course had some thoughts about being able to have the same speed and performance as in Zandvoort. Luckily, I found right back into race mode and picked up where I left off.
Overall, I’m very happy with the results of the test. I was able to gather a lot of experience and had a great pace, even though both, the track as well as the car, were completely new for me.
At this point I’d like to thank the entire Lechner Racing Team for their professional organisation and support! Furthermore, a big thank you to my sponsor Adrian Uebersax, Kolumbus Immobilien AG, who gives me the opportunity to compete  in 2019 too.
Don’t miss the season start of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe on May 3-4!
x Marylin

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