The fifth and therefore last weekend of this year’s Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe is over. Today I look back at the season and talk more about my results.


Even though I didn’t have a test, I was able to keep up with the other drivers on Friday and had some good lap times in the dry.

The weather change on the next day also influenced the qualifying in which I put my #88 Porsche on sixth position. During the sprint race the rain didn’t stop and I had to get used to the wet conditions. In the end I crossed the finish line on fifth, which is the second place in my class.


In the endurance race I entered the action from fourth on the grid. I managed to keep the position until entering the pits for the driver change. Maximilian Werndl, the driver I shared a car with this weekend and who might be better known as Ex-Basejumper, reached the checkered flag on P6. We can be more than satisfied with this result, as it was a tough fight to defend against the other strong drivers.



I finish the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe 2019 season with 90 points on the fourth overall rank which is the second in the Pro Am category.

During those five race weekends there were a lot of great and some improvable moments, but I kept on┬áincreasing my performance towards the end. I’m especially proud of the improvements I’ve made in the rain. Even with tough weather conditions I had some good fights and lap times.



The season was so much fun and I’m very happy and satisfied with my performance. I’d like to say thanks to my incredible team and the series organisers who did a great job!

x Marylin

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