Last weekend, the first event of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe took place at Slovakia Ring. Today, I’ll tell you more about it!


After the first test in Austria, I had high hopes for the race weekend. Unfortunately, the changing weather conditions made it difficult for me to get used to the track and hold my pace.

I finished the Qualifyings on P8 and P6 and therefore started from the middle of the field. During the first race there was a mix of dry and wet conditions, which is why I was only able to improve by one position and crossed the finish line on the seventh place.

My performance got better during the second event and I pushed to P4. Due to a small collision with the car in front of me, I unfortunately got a penalty and therefore ended up on eight position.


A new format was the 100 mile race, which is part of the Porsche Sprint Challenge. It consists of 13 laps, a pit stop and another 13 laps. Again, shortly before the start the weather changed and we had to get wet tyres. This made it difficult for me to fight with the front of the field. Luckily, I got used to the track conditions until the second stint and I was able to improve by 17 seconds. I finished the race again on P8.

I was absolutely excited about the organisation and the team. I immediately felt great in the new series due to the professional support and the great car.


My plan for the next race is to be even better prepared: more exercise and more time on the simulator to know the track. That’s how I’ll push for more success during the next event.

x Marylin

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