During the final weekend in Zandvoort, we celebrated some great qualifying results and earned the third place in the first race. More to come đŸ™‚

I did the first qualifying and was able to put my KTM X-Bow on the sixth position with a lap time of 1:48:567. By the way, I’m sharing the number 26 with Lenny Marioneck this weekend, who will support me in the championship fight. He even secured the pole position for the second race!


After a chaotic start, in which I had to fight my way through, the driver change was perfect. Lenny used the last couple of minutes to give it all and to push. Because of his performance we reached the third place, which, of course, made me extremely happy!


Due to the second car not being in our category, we got 18 points for the race! This means that I’m still leading the championship.


Now, it’s time for the final! At 13:50 Lenny will start from pole position and we will see if I can claim the GT4 Central European Cup Champion title when crossing the finish line. Keep your fingers crossed! đŸ™‚

x Marylin

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