Today, I’d like to tell you more about the final race in Zandvoort. But first of all, I want to thank my family for their incredible support!

GT4 Central European Cup
GT4 Central European Cup

Lenny started from Pole Position on Sunday. He had a great pace and we were able to extend our lead. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for us, when the safety car came out due to a race incident.

We definitely did our best and would have been able to win, not only the race, but also the championship. Now the GT4 Central European Cup season has come to an end and we have to be satisfied with the second place.

GT4 Central European Cup

Looking back, I’m really proud of our team! We had some amazing results, claimed podium positions and lead the championship for a long time.

At this point I’d like to thank my partners and sponsors, as well as Adrian Uebersax (Kolumbus Immobilien AG)! Without your support nothing of this would have been possible.

x Marylin

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